No Central ordinance for Jallikattu, matter sub judice says Modi

Updated by admin on Thursday, January 19, 2017 05:52 PM IST

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ruled out issuing an ordinance to enable holding of Jallikattu. When Tamil Nadu chief minister O Panneerselvam raised the issue of the Jallikattu ban, and urged the Centre to issue an ordinance to allow the bull-fight, the Prime Minister is understood to have told the CM that the matter was sub judice and therefore there was no way the Centre could issue an ordinance at this juncture.

Modi is also understood to have informed Panneerselvam that the State could promulgate its own ordinance on the subject and that the Centre could help in getting Presidential assent, though this does not mean that legal impediments would be overcome since the ordinance could be struck down or stayed by the Supreme Court if animal lovers move the court.

In effect, the Centre has tried to pass the buck to the State, though the government here does not seem to have adequate powers. It is primarily the Centre's responsibility to bring an amendment to the Prevention of Cruelty Act.

This situation may not go down well with the protestors at the Marina who have not taken kindly to the stance taken by Modi and the Centre.

However, the AIADMK government may well take the ordinance route, and hope for the best in the ensuing legal battles. A State ordinance can at least prevent the anger from the protestors being directed at the government here, and could also help establish its bonafides on the issue.

The present stand of the Centre was on the lines of the views expressed by Union minister Nirmala Seetharaman who said the Centre could not issue an ordinance but the State government could promulgate an ordinance.



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